Video Documentation

Dianne has documented and created screen translations of the work of a number of Australian dance artists and independent companies including BalletLab, Dancehouse, Helen Herbertson, Ros Warby, Trevor Patrick, Room2Move, Bagryana Popov, One Point 618 and Ausdance. She also collaborates regularly with Hellen Sky on her digital performances.

Workshops with Dianne Reid in Choreography of the camera (3 hr)—studio or location
These studio workshops look at the duet of dance video: the relationship of the moving camera and the moving body. Through a mixture of improvisational and compositional tasks participants will work with the interaction between cinematographer and dancer and how this creates new choreography in a screen context. Participants will experiment with hand-held moving camera with a focus on the interplay between the camera and the body (of both dancer and operator). With attention to pathways, angles, proximity, focus and light it explores ways to affect, alter, or enhance the aesthetic and kinaesthetic of the choreographic material.

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"The more I hold the camera the more it becomes flesh, this frame an extension of my own body, dancing in duet with subject/landscape"

Nothing But Bones In The Way - Trailer :: Dianne Reid and Melinda Smith 2018