Teaching & Direction

Dianne is a well-respected and sought after teacher and mentor who has been based in Melbourne for the past 22 years. She creates work and teaches across multiple disciplines (dance, media/video, theatre) regularly lecturing at major tertiary dance programs, providing training for contemporary dance companies and collaborating with independent dancers.

“My dance ‘style’ is a hybrid fusing contemporary dance, yoga, physical theatre and post-modern aesthetics. There is a deep underpinning in my movement vocabulary of my own musicality and love of rhythm/syncopation (extensive background in tap-dance and music practice and theory) and my pioneer modern styles dance training (Martha Graham and Doris Humphrey via my University teachers) mixed with my interest in the everyday in movement (have had direct experience working with Judson/Post-modern greats Steve Paxton, Deborah Hay, Lisa Nelson, Eva Karczag).”

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"To be a mature dance artist is a particular act of survival. It requires both a hardening of political resolve and a softening into the complex flux of physicality. There is a richness of expression, personal and technical, that lives within the mature dancer's body—textural detail and virtuosic nuance that emerges from the experiential."

Nothing But Bones In The Way - Trailer :: Dianne Reid and Melinda Smith 2018