Dianne utilizes poetic writing in her creative process. She has written a range of articles for academic contexts and performing arts journals/sites. She studied poetry and short story writing as part of her Communication Studies degree, has been a songwriter, and a comedy writer for radio.

Refereed Journal Articles
Reid, Dianne. ‘Making things visible’ in Rosenberg, Douglas & Claudia Kappenberg, eds. Scaffolding The Medium, International Journal of Screendance Volume 2, No 1, 89–92. Madison, Wisconsin: Parallel Press, 2012. http://journals.library.wisc.edu/index.php/screendance/index
Reid, Dianne.Scenes from another life—the script’ in Writings on Dance, Issue 23, 8–11. Melbourne, 2006.
Reid, Dianne. ‘I perform therefore I am’ in Practice, 39–48. Deakin University, 1997.

Refereed Conference Papers
Reid, Dianne. ‘A Rakish Angle’ in Re-searching Dance: International Conference on Dance Research.  India International Centre, 60–63. New Delhi, India, 2009.
Reid, Dianne. ‘Scenes from another life—the paper.’ Image, Text & Sound Conference, School of Creative Media, Melbourne: RMIT Publishing, 2004 and Dance Rebooted: re-initializing the grid. Deakin University: Ausdance, 2004. http://ausdance.org.au/articles/details/scenes-from-another-life
Reid, Dianne. ‘The Shifting Eye’ in Double Dialogues Conference, Theatreworks, St.Kilda, 1999. http://www.doubledialogues.com/archive/issue_three/reid.html

Book chapters
Reid, Dianne. ‘Cutting choreography’ in Barrett, Estelle & Barbara Bolt, eds. Practice as Research: Approaches to Creative Arts Enquiry, London & NY: I.B. Tauris & Co. Ltd, 2007.
Reid, Dianne. ‘From choreographer to film-maker’ in French, Lisa (Ed) Womenvision, 93–104. Melbourne: Damned Publishing, 2003.

Professional Research Reports
Reid, Dianne. ‘Cutting choreography: re-defining dance on screen.’ Masters thesis, Deakin University, 2001.
Reid, Dianne. ‘Foreigner unfixed’ 2007.

Online Reviewer—Adelaide Fringe 2011 & Cabaret Festival 2011

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“for me writing is choreography
a dance of words
images trip, connect, float, fall,
the rhythm of an idea
the balance of a metaphor
the right composition has a melody, a pulse, a texture
poetry is kinetic
it sweats us out
and defines each sinew of us
saving it saves me”
Nothing But Bones In The Way - Trailer :: Dianne Reid and Melinda Smith 2018