Interrogating practice—12 November 2016

Interrogating practice—12 November 2016

video witnessing


After watching Mel standing against the wall, I stood still and saw myself “watching” (or hearing, or feeling) at different stages in my life—from a child, past the present, to eventually laying face down.


Mel reflecting on Dianne’s solo descending to the floor:


An envelope arrives

Stopping to hear someone’s poem

Clouds moving sideways into shapes

Waiting to go down a slide in a park

Folding into a basket

The hands on the clock stop.


My writing was watching Mel connected to Robbie (wheelchair)—also starting from standing and descending until laying next to/under him.


Dianne writing as she witnesses Mel’s duet with Robbie:


A worker behind a plough

A child hiding from its father

A sea captain steering his way

A grieving woman fallen on the funeral carriage

A baby’s first sight of the world

An old man forgetting where he is

An animal looking for food

A lost child looking through a window

remembering a joke

wearing a coat

trying on wings

captive in the stocks

dragged through the bush

sunstruck and parched

listening to the earth.



Reflecting on the present as a continuing collaboration with the past

how time facilitates listening, knowing, and deepens the potential of the next moment

interrogating the moment—of how we move and watch—in each new place, with each new audience (witness, camera) in that future dance moment



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in the moment
I'm noticing
I'm working with what I'm noticing
a form emerges

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