hipsync @ Tertiary Dance Week

hipsync @ Tertiary Dance Week

For those of you who missed out on my recent season in the red train…

or those who just want another look…

I am presenting a gallery-tailored version at Dancehouse as part of Tertiary Dance Week

Dance Interrogations at Dancehouse

Nov 16 & 17 at 5pm.


Bookings: info@dancehouse.com.au

I am also running a Shared Practice Session on Wed Nov 13 between 2-4pm

This workshop draws on visual, tactile and text-based scores to develop improvisational scores and choreographic materials. Participants will also experiment with the notion of ‘active witnessing’—of moving through the action as audience/viewer, in duet with the dancer. In this way participants are introduced to the notion of the duet of dance video: the relationship of the moving camera and the moving body, looking at the interaction between cinematographer and dancer and how this creates new choreography in a screen context.

It is a free event.

There are other great classes, workshops and performances on through the week at Dancehouse. Book via their website.


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