My 2015 screendance DSW gets its first (international) screening at the Dance Film Festival UK on Saturday August 8.

It will be screened all day as part of the Private Cinema Installation at O2 Think Big Hub, Hoxton Square, London, N1 6NT.

This screendance was created as an artefact of my evolving performance practice with Melinda Smith which had its first full-length presentation, Unbecoming, at last year’s Melbourne Fringe (and will have a further development in a couple of months…more details to follow…)

The title DSW is an acronym we coined for a Skype emoticon we exchanged in our early online conversations (before moving into our regular improvisation practice). It was a stick figure dancing that Mel re-visualized in her painting of DSW, Dancing Stick Woman (see featured image for this post).

It could also stand for:

dance spasm warrior

don’t stop working

dynamic strong women

different same wonderful

doing something wrong

dizzy sickening waning

determined simple wants

driving sensation washing

drifting subtle whimsy

dangerous stunt wheelchair

distant sleeping world

difficult singing whispers

definitely standing wobbly

deft succinct writing

does some wishing

dancing starry window

deliberate slippery weasel

Dianne starts waiting



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in the moment
I'm noticing
I'm working with what I'm noticing
a form emerges

Nothing But Bones In The Way - Trailer :: Dianne Reid and Melinda Smith 2018