Dance Interrogations…some audience responses

“she is crawling towards me, she is taking a journey, it’s not sentimental, it’s an investigation in motion, she’s travelling through time. the landscape changes, the foundations sink, it makes me think about all the times I’ve wondered if it’s time to stop, but the rhythm continues under our feet, the dance takes us & makes us more than ourselves. she is holding me up, she it sitting me down, she is carrying me across the threshold, she is inviting me to play…
I stand in her footsteps. I embody her gaze. I interrogate her perspective. I shift proximity, distance, desire. I play on the edge of the frame. I login. P2P data transfer. seed/feed/seed/feed/seed… I become disoriented, derailed. I disconnect & follow the commentary. I’m somewhere inside it. I’m looking out into the darkness as she disappears…
she is crawling away from me, she is changing before my eyes, a little older, a little bolder than before, she is covering her mouth, she is shedding her skin, she is suspended on the edge (unexpected yet inevitable), she is falling from a moving train, she is never too late, she is eternal return, the woman she once was, the woman she is becoming, she is a hand-drawn heart on the flesh of the earth, she is alien inside, she is other lives. she is still moving. searching. holding the colours of joy in the palm of her hand….

she choreographs her final position; a fortunate death, a dramatic death, an untimely death. but love (a body of) unravels the moment until she is glowing with visceral transcendence. time flows backwards across her skin, as Saraswati opens within her. she is endless.”

“The film imagery at the end of the piece—multiple arms reaching out, emerging, embracing—from the voluptuous, visceral, red petals projected on your belly. I can feel the emotion this provoked in me now, 5 days later. It gave me a sense of the deeply personal nature of the show. The imagery projected in that way somehow told me (if I’d missed it) that I had been witnessing layers of being—present, past, future—real, live, human—actual, potential—lived and living, dreamed and dreaming.”

“Dianne reminded me of my grandmother always wanting to be the centre of attention at family gatherings.”




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Nothing But Bones In The Way - Trailer :: Dianne Reid and Melinda Smith 2018