Cabin Fever

Adelaide Fringe 2019

I premiered a new site specific work a couple of weeks ago at the Adelaide Fringe to great responses from audiences and reviewers. Cabin Fever not only got 5 star reviews but also won the Adelaide Fringe Bank SA weekly award for Best Dance!

Thanks to the wonderful staff at Adelaide Caravan Park for taking a punt on me, and to my generous and amazingly talented musician/composer friends, Heather Frahn and Stuart Day, for letting me use their music in the soundtrack. Stuart and I also got to collaborate again (since high school!) on the finale song “The Big Finish” …stay tuned for the music video! 😉

Also a big thanks to my re-aquainted Adelaide friends who supported, encouraged and promoted me—supporting independent and mature dance/art makers!

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in the moment
I'm noticing
I'm working with what I'm noticing
a form emerges

Nothing But Bones In The Way - Trailer :: Dianne Reid and Melinda Smith 2018