Brolga Issue 41

Brolga Issue 41

I am particularly proud of the latest issue of Brolga—edited by my dance (and Deakin) colleagues Shaun McLeod and Olivia Millard—having close connections to a number of the projects written about in it (and have quite a few of my video and still images published within them).  In addition to the paper I have co-authored with Melinda Smith, “The negotiations of relationship…”, I was involved in the Dancing Place project, eloquently written about by the project’s director/facilitator, Gretel Taylor, and I was part of the Melbourne improvisation community (specifically The Little Con) insightfully examined by Shaun McLeod in his paper on dance improvisation.


You can read them all here      Brolga 41



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Nothing But Bones In The Way - Trailer :: Dianne Reid and Melinda Smith 2018