A response to “Dance Interrogations (a diptych)” by Jaye Hayes

A response to “Dance Interrogations (a diptych)” by Jaye Hayes



the disorient express
an expression of
proximity to
the angle of loss
the moving within parameters, without direction
frame & shift, my body & hers
I meet her gaze, I feel her grief mirror mine
I am hollow
I am rattled
I am moving still
I have taken this train before
but this journey seems more melancholy
travel takes its toll on the body
febrile confinement
redrum? or
vintage glory
let’s dance!
I am prepared to move
but it’s a mess in here
look outside, something’s passing you by….
you thought you’d meet someone interesting along the way
you thought you’d at least find a comfortable place to rest
but here you are full of emptiness
here you are alone with your echoes
& someone else’s suitcase
are we there yet?
falling into the past
falling into disrepair
falling into each others arms
faces merging with the facing of truth the loss of youth is not without hope it is blurry & a bit corny but hang on to it don’t forget that this ride isn’t over yet….

unbecome the other
breathless on the threshold of cool austerity
authority meets flesh
devotion undone
the singular geminated
this dis-order of being, sisters of support
a mutual knowing under the skin
the walls whisper.
the bodies howl.
beneath habitual movement there is a quivering strength.
eviscerated effigies
memory callipered to bone
death is dancing here
reaching out to touch my skin
witnessing. moving. traversing the length of a lifetime.
i am sliding out of the way. i am becoming a point in space, a point of contact
(or am I just getting in the way?)
she makes my body hers
standing on the edge
something’s burning
the leap into space
into waiting arms
into gravity’s certain embrace

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in the moment
I'm noticing
I'm working with what I'm noticing
a form emerges

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