2013 round up

2013 has been a big year of dance practice and performance…

10 Dance Interrogations performances —TDENNZA conference in Hamilton, New Zealand; Synergy Gallery in the red train for the Melbourne Fringe; & at Dancehouse for Tertiary Dance Week

15 improvised performances — 10 solos for Up the Ante & The Women’s Night at Cecil Street Studio, at Precipice in Canberra, and for Clock It as part of the Big West Festival; a duet with Melinda Smith at Up the Ante; and 4 group performances with The Little Con collective (in the red train for 10 hours, and at Artspace in Wodonga) & as part of the Projections Conference in Geelong (with Shaun McLeod & dancers)

11 Hipsync screenings A Beautiful Day at ADF International Screendance Festival (Durham, USA) and CSIRO DANscienCE Festival (Canberra); Bloodsugar at CSIRO DANscienCE Festival (Canberra); Disclosure, Luke and Dance Path at Everybody DANCE Now!, Wodonga; and the complete collection 1993–2012 over 6 days as part of my season in Synergy Gallery in the red train (East Brunswick, Melbourne)

There has also been teaching contemporary dance technique, choreographing I have this collection… for the Dance Production at Deakin University and singing with rock-funk band Mid Life Chrysler reformed for Huntingfest (Gold Coast)

Big thanks to my collaborators in the studio and in performance—Melinda Smith, Dani Cresp, Ann-maree Ellis, Bronwen Kamasz, Shaun McLeod, Paul Roberts, Sophie Darling, Stefanie Robinson, Cameron Kelly, Cinzia Schincariol, Madison Phillips, Elanor Webber, Luke Hickmott, Ami Skånberg Dahlstedt—and to Kevin Jeynes (for curating Up the Ante), David Wells (for curating Clock It), Peter Trotman, Tony Osborn & Mark Gordon (for Precipice), to Stuart Day (composer for Dance Interrogations), Heather Frahn (Hipsync website design & construction, & composer of choice for my yoga practice soundtrack), Damien Hinds (stills photography & graphic design), Lindesay Dresden (video documentation), all those who came to my performances, and to my students & colleagues at Deakin University (since 1996) for continuing to support my practice and laugh at my jokes.

hope to see you in 2014 xxx

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Nothing But Bones In The Way - Trailer :: Dianne Reid and Melinda Smith 2018